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Welcome to A Course In Miracles Workbook and Teacher's Resources

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You will find this website to be a simple, yet invaluable step during your exploration with A Course In Miracles. This website is a resource to begin learning A Course In Miracles and/or help you deepen your understanding of it. If you are unfamiliar with A Course In Miracles then you should read this introduction to decide if A Course In Miracles may be right for you.

Here you will find the following resources for A Course In Miracles:
  • A Course In Miracles Workbook by Email: Sometimes it can be a challenge to either pick up a book every morning, or to visit a website every day to get a new lesson. Now we take that challenge away by delivering A Course In Miracles to your email inbox every day.

  • Recommended Reading: There is a lot of material written about A Course In Miracles, and here you will find links to some of that.

  • Teacher's Directory: If you are interested in working with an individual teacher who has a profound understanding of A Course In Miracles, then start looking here. Also if you are a teacher of A Course In Miracles and would like to make yourself available to potential students, this is the place for you.

  • Links and Resources: You will find official and unofficial links related to A Course In Miracles as well as other more general spirituality related links.

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